A March milestone? Maybe, maybe not…

The March 2009 analysis is still coming together, and will be along here soon. The market seems to be holding up better than the general retail economy, though the top book of the month does appear to have nudged under the 100,000-copy threshhold. That said, this is an event deserving of some wider context, which … Read more

March 2009 Top-Selling Comics at Diamond

March 2009 will be remembered in comics history annals as the month of the Watchmen movie release; and, indeed, the trade paperback again appeared at the top of the trade charts, according to the preliminary report on comics sales to retailers released today by Diamond Comic Distributors. The basic information appears in this posting, but … Read more

February 2009: The charts

Diamond Comic Distributors released the full charts for its February 2009 comics orders today; the estimates will be along later as I’m traveling this week, but you can see the raw Top 300s and the market shares on the newly updated February 2009 page. I won’t speculate as to what the numbers might work out … Read more