April 2014 comics sales: Amazing Spider-Man #1 best-selling issue of 21st Century

As expected, Marvel‘s second reboot of the Amazing Spider-Man title was a record-setter in April: Diamond Comic Distributors reported today that the issue “was the best-selling comic book in both units and dollars in over a decade.” More importantly, the market turned positive for the year, mostly erasing a slow start. Diamond sold nearly $48.2 … Read more

The last million-selling comic book in North America? It’s Batman vs. Pokémon for the title

Diamond Comic Distributors releases its sales reports for April 2014 orders from comics shops in North America soon, an it is widely expected that Marvel‘s Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #1, the second relaunched version of that long-running series, will be a blockbuster. Its many variant covers — including a large number specially designed for specific … Read more