Amazon gives Bookscan data access to authors

BookScan, the A.C. Nielsen service that tracks book sales using point-of-purchase information in thousands of bookstores — plus online sales from Amazon — has now made its sales data available through Amazon. If you’re the book’s author, that is. As the Los Angeles Times also reports, Amazon has added a Sales Data tab to the … Read more

Hibbs presents 2009 Bookscan analysis

Things are beyond busy here at The Comichron datafarm — but it’s worth noting that Brian Hibbs has produced his annual analysis of graphic novel sales in the mass market according to Bookscan. It’ll take some time for us here to digest the data and take a look at it beside the direct market, but … Read more

The shape of lists to come?

by John Jackson Miller Continuing with the topic below of Nielsen’s Bookscan and its sales charts, an interesting post just up about its sister Soundscan top-seller lists — and how they set it up so that backlist items wouldn’t creep back up into the top-seller lists. As this is a case of them publishing sales … Read more