Miramichi Leader on comics sales charts

The Miramichi Leader in New Brunswick has a piece online about comics sales charts and how comics fans read them as much as film fans check out box office results. Reporter Darcey McLaughlin discusses the monthly ritual many of us take part in, and what the charts say about the medium — particularly in that … Read more

Comic books and bubble markets

Forbes has an article on bubbles in collecting hobbies — certainly recalling what I used to see in my years at Krause Publications, where with our magazines in various collecting fields we were able to follow the speculator craze from sportscards, to comics, to Magic cards, to Beanie Babies, to action figures, to Pokémon cards … Read more

Fortune: Comics “alive and kicking”

I only caught this now, but Fortune has an article on “old-fashioned [comics] publishing” and how it’s helping Marvel. A lot of interesting numbers here. A favorable piece — though there is that line that comics shops are “one of the most archaic distribution systems in existence.” One might note to the author that those … Read more