Of Star Trek and Spider-Woman

Very busy of late — thoughts of getting Star Trek circulation history notes on the site to coincide with the film release ran into time constraints. There isn’t much to be found in the Statements of Ownership, anyway, except for the single year in the late 1990s when Marvel had obtained the license for the … Read more

When Watchmen hit the stands: A best guess

Having posted a piece on Watchmen’s original sales rankings in 1986-87, comments on The Beat led me to do some follow-up research into when the comics actually hit the stands. For this, I turned to Comics Buyer’s Guide‘s “Comics in Your Future” column, beginning with issue #654 (cover dated May 30, 1986). “Future” was the … Read more

Comic books and bubble markets

Forbes has an article on bubbles in collecting hobbies — certainly recalling what I used to see in my years at Krause Publications, where with our magazines in various collecting fields we were able to follow the speculator craze from sportscards, to comics, to Magic cards, to Beanie Babies, to action figures, to Pokémon cards … Read more