Proto-Watchmen: Sales figures for Charlton’s hero titles

I thought I’d exhausted all the answers the Comichron database potentially had on Watchmen questions — but this week is throwing some curveballs. I’ve had several requests in the last few days for information about the Charlton super-hero titles from the 1960s, specifically the characters that were the partial inspiration for the Watchmen. The challenge … Read more

When Watchmen hit the stands: A best guess

Having posted a piece on Watchmen’s original sales rankings in 1986-87, comments on The Beat led me to do some follow-up research into when the comics actually hit the stands. For this, I turned to Comics Buyer’s Guide‘s “Comics in Your Future” column, beginning with issue #654 (cover dated May 30, 1986). “Future” was the … Read more

Essay: Watchmen and film techniques

With the Watchmen movie coming up, the number of public inquiries involving it has increased — many asking the simple question of why it’s such an important comics work. The simple answer, “read it,” works for some; others look for a little more context — particularly students working on term papers! The Comics Chronicles is … Read more