The Circulating American Magazines Project: Best practices for use of its comics data

Marvel’s ABC Statement for the first half of 1962 Over the last two decades, Russ Maheras, Jonathan Hoyle, and I have visited the offices of the Audit Bureau of Circulation at various times, using the old microfilm viewer to capture comics sales data. It’s provided a glimpse into a time in comics history when advertising sales were … Read more

Proto-Watchmen: Sales figures for Charlton’s hero titles

I thought I’d exhausted all the answers the Comichron database potentially had on Watchmen questions — but this week is throwing some curveballs. I’ve had several requests in the last few days for information about the Charlton super-hero titles from the 1960s, specifically the characters that were the partial inspiration for the Watchmen. The challenge … Read more

The 1960s are back…

…as are lots of other pages on the new Comics Chronicles. Restored pages include… • comics sales for the 1960s• overall yearly comics sales• graphs for comics sales• frequently asked questions …with more to come in short order — only the Diamond numbers are left to add. There’s even some new data in the 1960s … Read more

Maggie Thompson’s sales stats from 1967

by John Jackson Miller One of my various hobby projects has been helping Maggie Thompson get her fanzine library established on her new site. Harbinger #1 and Comic Art #1 from 1960 and 1961 respectively are there — and now, she’s posted the first ten issues of Newfangles from 1967 and 1968. Scan quality … Read more