The Circulating American Magazines Project: Best practices for use of its comics data

Marvel’s ABC Statement for the first half of 1962 Over the last two decades, Russ Maheras, Jonathan Hoyle, and I have visited the offices of the Audit Bureau of Circulation at various times, using the old microfilm viewer to capture comics sales data. It’s provided a glimpse into a time in comics history when advertising sales were … Read more

Million-dollar Action #1 copy was once one-in-200,000

I’ve observed here that the comics industry isn’t so much “recession-proof” as it is insulated from external market forces. When things go very right — or very wrong — it’s usually been due to internal factors. The reason the “recession-proof” term started to be associated with comics has nothing to do with new comics publishing … Read more

Detective Comics sales in the 1930s and 1940s

A query on the Comics Buyer’s Guide boards about the historic nature of April’s first-place ranking for Detective Comics leads me to post a few additional details from the past, including information obtained by Russ Maheras from the only real source of data for the 1930s and 1940s, the Audit Bureau of Circulation. Marc Newman … Read more