BATMAN at 30: Check out the June 1989 comics sales charts, with estimates!

Tim Burton‘s Batman movie came out 30 years ago this weekend, so we’ve just posted the June 1989 sales charts for both Diamond Comic Distributors and Capital City Distribution. See what was selling by clicking the links: June 1989: Capital City Sales Charts June 1989: Diamond Sales Charts Capital was the second largest distributor, with … Read more

Revenge of the Comics: Diamond “pop-up” spinner rack program redeems relic from comics distribution history

The spinner rack — the rotating wire display with pockets shelving comics — has a bit of a checkered past in comics history, but it’s also a familiar icon with a convenient share for retailing. It’s now being employed by Diamond Comic Distributors in a just-announced program to put pop-up comics stands in places that … Read more

25 years ago: Superman rises from the dead — and sparks the biggest month in comics history

This slipped a lot of calendars, but Superman’s rise from the dead began 25 years ago today (that’s when Adventures of Superman #500 apparently left the warehouse; on-sale was both April 14 and April 15, as distributors were moving New Comic Book Day from Thursday to Wednesday). In observance of the event, I posted the … Read more

Diamond’s Pullbox system to help customers order comics from shops; DC gets own catalog

At the ComicPRO retailers organization meeting in Portland, Ore., this morning, Diamond Comic Distributors announced a number of changes to its Previews catalog, as well as an innovation long rumored to be in the works. The innovation first; Diamond, which has long had an online version of its Previews catalog at, has developed Pullbox, … Read more