Revenge of the Comics: Diamond “pop-up” spinner rack program redeems relic from comics distribution history

The spinner rack — the rotating wire display with pockets shelving comics — has a bit of a checkered past in comics history, but it’s also a familiar icon with a convenient share for retailing. It’s now being employed by Diamond Comic Distributors in a just-announced program to put pop-up comics stands in places that … Read more

25 years ago: Superman rises from the dead — and sparks the biggest month in comics history

This slipped a lot of calendars, but Superman’s rise from the dead began 25 years ago today (that’s when Adventures of Superman #500 apparently left the warehouse; on-sale was both April 14 and April 15, as distributors were moving New Comic Book Day from Thursday to Wednesday). In observance of the event, I posted the … Read more

Diamond’s Pullbox system to help customers order comics from shops; DC gets own catalog

At the ComicPRO retailers organization meeting in Portland, Ore., this morning, Diamond Comic Distributors announced a number of changes to its Previews catalog, as well as an innovation long rumored to be in the works. The innovation first; Diamond, which has long had an online version of its Previews catalog at, has developed Pullbox, … Read more