Diamond’s Pullbox system to help customers order comics from shops; DC gets own catalog

At the ComicPRO retailers organization meeting in Portland, Ore., this morning, Diamond Comic Distributors announced a number of changes to its Previews catalog, as well as an innovation long rumored to be in the works. The innovation first; Diamond, which has long had an online version of its Previews catalog at http://www.previewsworld.com, has developed Pullbox, … Read more

Of iPads and middlemen: 45 years of comics subscription sales data

With Apple’s iPad tablet product launching, much speculation surrounds what, if any, long-lasting impact the product and its like will have on the comic-book industry. Several efforts have been underway for some time to deliver comics electronically, and the addition of the new system has unsurprisingly generated much conversation. The old issues about hard-copy-versus-virtual-copy are … Read more