Ghost Rider circulation history online

Between the new movie and the lawsuit, Ghost Rider is much in the news, and The Comics Chronicles has received a number of requests for historic data. Complete Statement of Ownership data for three series have been posted here: Ghost Rider Vol. 1 (1973-83), Ghost Rider Vol. 2 (1990-98), and Ghost Rider 2099 (1994-96). The … Read more

Flashback Friday: NYT on “Heroes Reborn”

No time for a longer flashback today, but with the New York Times moving much content back behind a paywall in January, now is probably a good time to search for any of those comics articles you’d like to see before the change. I was amused to find an interview with me from September 1996, … Read more

Flashback Friday: Marvel travels to 2099

by John Jackson Miller and Joyce Greenholdt We’ve added several new titles to the Title Spotlights section today, and we’re hoping to make some regular updates to the section in the future. This week we added circulation statements for a number of titles for Marvel Comics’ 2099 imprint from the 1990s. The imprint re-imagined the … Read more