Amazing Spider-Man comics sales across time

by John Jackson Miller I’m still working my way through getting more year-by-year data online, but there have been enough media requests in advance of Spider-Man 3 that I figured I’d go ahead and add one of the title pages that I intend to do, showing sales accoring to the Statements of Ownership across time. … Read more

Yearly comics sales aggregate data now online

by John Jackson Miller With Spider-Man 3 approaching fast, I have gotten a number of requests for yearly aggregate data in chart form. For quick reference, I’ve added the following to the main Yearly Reports page: Overall Market Dollars (estimated range) Overall Diamond Comics, Trade Paperback, and Magazine Sales And for each of the 12 … Read more

March 2007 Sales Statistics online

by John Jackson Miller And I now have the Top 300 Comics sales estimates and the aggregate sales figures for March 2007 online here. My analysis article, along with the trade paperback data, appears at the bottom. A note about this data and timing, as my reports will be handled a little differently than others you may … Read more

February 2007 Diamond sales now online

by John Jackson Miller And the first of the Monthly Sales charts is now online here, starting with February 2007. The following report was originally published on CBGXtra: After a strong January, the comics industry went right ahead and did it again, turning out a February nearly as strong as the five-week month before it, … Read more

The archives are now open!

by John Jackson Miller Thanks for visiting Comichron, alternately known as the Comics Chronicles (either spelling will get you to the site). Having worked in comic professionally for may years, I’m really looking at Comichron as a chance to both reclaim the “hobby” element of my comics-collecting life — while providing a location for similarly interested folks … Read more