Avengers comics sales history — five decades, assembled!

With The Avengers movie releasing, this seems like a good time to post the near-complete year-by-year record of Avengers sales, according to statements Marvel filed with the U.S. Postal Service. The first postal statement appeared in 1966; I have all of them since then with the exception of 1975, 1988, 2005, and 2010 when Marvel … Read more

Ghost Rider circulation history online

Between the new movie and the lawsuit, Ghost Rider is much in the news, and The Comics Chronicles has received a number of requests for historic data. Complete Statement of Ownership data for three series have been posted here: Ghost Rider Vol. 1 (1973-83), Ghost Rider Vol. 2 (1990-98), and Ghost Rider 2099 (1994-96). The … Read more

Flashback Friday: Xander in Lost Universe

  A brief flashback today on a title that had a brief run: Gene Roddenberry’s Xander in Lost Universe, a part of the Tekno-Comix line from 1995. A part of Big Entertainment, Tekno-Comix was a short-lived attempt to build series around the names and concepts of celebrities ranging from Leonard Nimoy to John Jakes. It … Read more