Proto-Watchmen: Sales figures for Charlton’s hero titles

I thought I’d exhausted all the answers the Comichron database potentially had on Watchmen questions — but this week is throwing some curveballs. I’ve had several requests in the last few days for information about the Charlton super-hero titles from the 1960s, specifically the characters that were the partial inspiration for the Watchmen. The challenge … Read more

Where will Obama issue rank in Spider-title history?

The Diamond January 2009 sales data will be along next week, and Amazing Spider-Man #583 will almost certainly be #1 for the month — as some retailers have said, the Barack Obama inauguration day issue helped put what is usually a slow month overall into positive territory. Its role in the present day aside, it … Read more

Iron Man sales history across time

by John Jackson Miller I did this last year for Amazing Spider-Man when the third movie came out in response to media inquiries; now, I have plunged ahead and listed all the Iron Man sales figures from Statements of Ownership that I have found, from 1980 to 2003. I can’t locate my copies from Volume … Read more

Amazing Spider-Man comics sales across time

by John Jackson Miller I’m still working my way through getting more year-by-year data online, but there have been enough media requests in advance of Spider-Man 3 that I figured I’d go ahead and add one of the title pages that I intend to do, showing sales accoring to the Statements of Ownership across time. … Read more