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2020 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

2020 has 53 Wednesdays, one more than 2019 — which may or may not impact yearly comparisons depending on how Diamond handles holiday end-of-year sales.

February sees the release of the Birds of Prey movie on the 7th.

In April, the oft-delayed New Mutants movie is slated to release on the 3rd. April has one more New Comic Book Day than it did in 2019.

The first day of May sees the release of the first Marvel Cinematic Universe movie of the year, Black Widow. May has one less New Comic Book Day than it did in 2019.

June gets a major movie in Wonder Woman 1984, releasing on the 5th.

September has one more New Comic Book Day than it did in 2019.

October has one fewer New Comic Book Day than it did iin 2019.

November has another MCU movie launch, The Eternals, slated for the 6th.

December has one more Wednesday than it did in 2019, though what Diamond's 2020 holiday shipping schedule will be remains to be announced.

You can also see our pages for reorders and advance reorders for 2020.

— John Jackson Miller

My analyses of orders from Diamond Comic Distributors for individual months can be found below. Covers for later months depict some of the top advance-reordered books for each month:

November November November November




November November November November




September October November December




Also coming soon: 2020's Reorders and Advance Reorders.